Update 2 - Access control checkpoint at 27 km mark of Morice West Forest Service Road moved to 4 km mark

B.C., Houston

2020-02-07 21:47 PST

From previous release (February 6, 2020); on February 6, 2020, the RCMP access control checkpoint at the 27 km mark of the Morice West Forest Service Road became the start-point for an RCMP exclusion zone to conduct enforcement action of the BC Supreme Court injunction.

Since that time the Forest Service Road near the 27 km point which had been designated as a protest and media site, has been blockaded on two occasions by individuals who had been allowed access to this point. The most recent blockading of this road for several hours today interfered with the transfer of arrested persons, causing delays in their transport to the Houston Detachment. This was also intended to block the exit of Coastal GasLink vehicles, contrary to the BC Supreme Court injunction.

Today, several vehicles driven by RCMP personnel have been made inoperative after traveling past the 27 km mark. Later investigation has revealed that metal spikes were placed on the Forest Service Road, and these items were placed solely to cause damage to traveling vehicles. This road has been used frequently by media, civilians and commercial vehicles. Efforts are being undertaken to increase the safety along this road.

Photo 1 of nail in tire

Photo 2 of nail in tire

Photo 3 of nail in tire

Based on these actions, the access control point will be temporarily moved to the 4 km mark of the Morice West Forest Service Road. This decision has been made by the senior commanders on scene in order to ensure the safety for those traveling, and to limit the actions of those who would place such items which would present a serious hazard.

Hereditary Chiefs, Industry and media will still have access to the 27 km mark. Access will be restricted into the area along the Forest Service Road beyond 27 km as it is still within the exclusion zone and enforcement continues.

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